Frequently Asked Questions

A gateway into another world where an adventure awaits you unlike any you have experienced before. Your team has 60 minutes to solve the puzzles, to uncover the best way to conquer the room and exit before the clock runs out. You do not need any foreknowledge, just a good team, a good dose of creativity and readiness to have a good time. You can expect challenges, mysteries and puzzles that need to be solved through team work, resourcefulness and logical thinking...and if you get stuck, our game masters are following your progress and are there to help, should the need arise.

We would like to mention that a part of the escape room experience is that the doors are locked, but if someone should feel uncomfortable at any given time, the game can be stopped and that team member can leave the room. Each game is monitored by a game master and your safety and comfort are our main priority.
You do not need to bring or prepare anything, you do not need to have any foreknowledge about a particular subject. When you arrive, our game master will explain in detail everything you will need to know in order for your experience to be fun and safe. Your only obligation is to relax and enjoy the game. Before entering the room you will place your belongings in a locker that will be locked, so that you can enjoy your game completely unburdened (of course, we will allow you to retain your glasses, the idea is not to make the game unnecessarily harder).
Please note that it is forbidden to take food and drinks into the room where the game will be played, but you can leave them with the rest of your belongings, we promise not to eat everything!
Brains, not brawl! No puzzle will require the use of force, movement of heavy objects or the touching of wires, sockets or electricity to be solved, but, as we say, only pure logic. This is the perfect opportunity for you to sharpen your puzzle solving skills. Even though our games are primarily non-linear, the best results are obtained by teams that work together and share all clues and hints they find with all other members of the team.
You need to arrive 15 minutes earlier. In case the next appointment has been booked, but your team has arrived late, we will have to cut your game short unfortunately.
On our website, under contact, you can find our address and map. There are parking spaces near our building, as well as the following public garages: Vukov spomenik , Baba Višnjina and Viška .
The game is played in teams of 2-5 players, the basic price for two players is 4000 rsd, for every next player it is an additional 500 rsd.
2 players 4000 rsd
3 players 4500 rsd
4 players 5000 rsd
5 players 5500 rsd
You do need to book an appointment in order to be sure that the room you want is free in your selected time period. Reservations can be made through our site, but you can also contact us by phone (including viber and whatsapp), social networks and via e-mail.
In line with the current situation and the fact that your safety is our primary concern, when you enter our premises we ask that you disinfect your hands (we will provide the needed spray). Furthermore, after every played game we disinfect the items in the room with alcohol. Our game masters will welcome you with smiles on their faces and masks covering the same, so you will not be able to see them, but trust us they are there! We recommend you wear masks and have secured reserve masks for those that want to wear masks, but have forgotten their own. There is no reason we cannot combine fun and safety to create an unforgettable experience.
Of course! We would just like to state that your pet cannot enter and be with you in the room where the actual game is taking place, but has to wait in a separate room with the game master. Please let us know in advance if you are coming with your pet.
They have not complained so far!
You can always contact us via e-mail, viber, whatsapp, phone or the good, old sms. It will be our pleasure to answer any questions you may have.
We don't know either, call immediately, we are waiting for you to get the party started!